The difference between being alive and living a life worth living is passion and perseverance.


From a hurricane in the high seas, to the desert in Nevada, to the mountain peaks of British Columbia, to the halls of academia, a common thread in Chris’s life is his passion for jumping in with both feet.

In his fourth year of his marketing communications degree the lightbulb came on again; whether a product, service, ideology, or story, getting the right message to the right people in the right way at the right time, multiple times, across varied media is the way forward.

Trained in search engine optimization, social media management, media kits including blogging, media releases, speechwriting, brochure design, public relations, finance, management, statistics, human resources, fundraising, nonprofit management, public speaking, and advocacy, Chris is refining the skills and can access the transferable skills needed in today’s business and social landscape.

This blog and postings are the first baby steps in creating a life worth living and embracing the philosophy that the pen, especially today’s multimedia pen at our fingertips, is truly mightier than the sword. All the postings on this site are school assignments in second, third, and fourth year business classes at Camosun College, in beautiful Victoria, Canada.

Drawing from a wealth of cross disciplined real world experience as a fertile springboard and coupled with the latest in modern business analysis and management, Chris is ready to work with your organization to achieve your goals. Chris understands that delivering the right message is important and having a solid foundation in fundamentals like budgeting, accounting is of equal importance for sustainable success.

Actively involved in the community in social justice, environmental, political, volunteering, and business sectors, Chris is well-placed to listen and help your organization listen to the underlying needs of your target market and then help you get your message to them. Today’s constantly changing media landscape dictates a flexible, responsive, trustworthy and engaging marketing and public relations strategy.

Although a spinal injury 10 years ago at first seems like a catastrophic injury, 10 years later it is an incredible opportunity to recalibrate, refocus, and spring forward into a new and exciting career in the field of communications.

In his spare time Chris volunteers with the Accessible Transit Advisory Committee, the Vancouver Island Compassion Society, the Tetra Society of North America, and local nonprofit arts organizations.


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