Monthly Archives: May 2015

Home Power Storage Unveiled.


The teaser Elon Musk buried the lead for a month ago? The missing link; home storage for off grid power, I was hoping so.

It’s called the Powerwall, comes in a 10 kWh weekly cycle or a 7 kWh daily cycle model for 3500 or $3000 respectively and has a 10 year warranty with an optional 10 year extension.

This destructive technology paired with Tesla Motors incredible electric vehicles with the highest safety rating in America, and the Gigafactory currently under construction that will single-handedly double the rest of the world’s lithium ion battery production by 2020 is incredibly encouraging.

As we have seen from previous research and posts, solar power is about to get dramatically cheaper and the thing missing from the market to empower consumers to make those off grid choices or lessened their reliance on the grid has been home storage, until now.

You can reserve one now for deliveries beginning this summer… If you live in the States, it would not accept my Canadian postal code, yet.