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Tesla schools Wall Street and predicts humans will be pets to robots in the future

Billion dollar tweet, is it off grid home storage?

Super intelligent future, without humans:

Don’t believe it? The high tech present that will displace millions of workers:


From Sport to Insane Speed!

Ever forging ahead, Tesla continues to over-deliver on its vehicles and people, blogs, articles, and companies are noticing. Tesla ReTweets an Economist post on March 10:


RT Any doubts that electric cars are the future are blown away within minutes of driving a Model S

The Economist article linked through Tesla’s Twitter account states, “It is not so much the rapid acceleration, but the smooth and relentless supply of power from its electric motor”.

On the same Tesla Twitter page, later on March 10, Elon Musk posts a YouTube video of “Model S in drag race against snowmobile on ice lake in Norway (no tire chains or studs).
Tesla Model S P85D vs. Lynx Boondocker 800 ccm”  and that video shows switching the vehicle to Insane mode for a race against a snowmobile. This really is insane! (Jakobson, 2015).

Watch the video here.

 Of course the Tesla leaves the snowmobile behind, but my favourite part is at 5 seconds through 11 seconds..did you see that touchscreen? Wow! That is definitely the future of automobiles! I want one!

If the snow race is underwhelming for you, perhaps a video of a phone sticking to the seat as a Tesla accelerates with 4 adults inside the vehicle from what looks like 0-60? (Force, 2015).

What is the P85D? As one blogger put it: “In case you have been away from the internet in the past 12 hours, let’s recap some numbers. The P85D has 691 horsepower and will reach 60 mph in 3.2 seconds…is there a better overall car than the P85D?” (McParland, 2014).

I have never even driven one but I don’t think so! Check out the blog post here.

This may or may not wrap the blog on this topic as the school semester is drawing to a close but rest assured, I will continue to watch Tesla  closely.

Embedding the Youtube video was as simple as copy/pasting but the first video was via a Norweigan site so I  left it original instead of embedding it straight from Youtube. Enjoy!

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Hootsuite Thoughts

In the Camosun College Digital Marketing 440 class I am taking as part of an overall marketing degree, we touched upon this blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, video Skype and other programs as well as completing the Hootsuite University and becoming a certified professional via numerous videos and exams that coach and demonstrate the minutiae filters, groups and streams available.

I like the tests and the videos are quite comprehensive but as with anything, practice and use will lead to expertise. I’m glad to have been given a fast track look at this social media management software and am enjoying getting to learn to use it.

Within the Hootsuite certification courseware, in no particular order, I thought the security and privacy controls by an overall admin are necessary; the ability to customize and shorten URLs is fantastic; the do’s and don’ts of social media etiquette straightforward and helpful; the ability to customize streams and listen across other platforms and across the Internet for keywords, positive and negative sentiments for all products or services or topics relevant to your particular company and your particular campaign/strategy is exciting and powerful.

I look forward to learning more and exploring these and other features and benefits in the months to come. These tools provide immense insight can streamline management of social media platforms for the individual, and business alike vague, and small, for-profit, and nonprofit.

Although this blog gradually focused upon Tesla and alternative energy versus oil, it began as a digital exploration for school. It has been a good experience and more than anything has taught me how much more I have to learn..


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