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How to Tesla: Better, faster, greener, farther, and smarter every day.

  • You wake up in the morning and get ready for your day, step outside and get into your Tesla. It is waiting for you where you told it to be, with the temperature where you like it, your favorite music or radio station on, and it drives better today than it did yesterday thanks to the overnight wireless upgrade.

If you are reading this then you have probably already heard of Tesla Motors somewhere and you may know that they are all electric, “may be the safest vehicle ever tested“, can accelerate insanely fast, and they have jumpstarted the electric vehicle market globally.

But it gets better.

Tesla’s blog reveals That their vehicles, improve “while you sleep. When you wake up, added functionality, enhanced performance, and improved user experience make you feel like you are driving a new car“. The vehicle communicates in real time with the growing network of supercharging stations while simultaneously working with trip planning software to figure out the fastest and most convenient route to your destination. Your vehicle automatically calculates the best supercharging station on your route (which are free for life), and while you are sleeping downloads automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, side collision warning, and valet mode to complement its autopilot feature.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that within two years they will get 1000 km on a single charge and be able to drive fully autonomously, within three years.

Entering the SUV crossover market with its gullwing doors, all-wheel-drive, seating for seven adults, low and stable center of gravity, the newly released Model X  again changes what is thought possible for electric vehicles. Many believe the real game changer will come with the $35,000 electric vehicle set to be able to be order-able in March 2016 and manufactured in 2017 once the gigafactory, and other manufacturing pieces are in place.

Does your vehicle currently improve itself while you are sleeping? Do you wake up with a full tank every morning? Would you like too? What are you waiting for?

You don’t have to wait, this is how to Tesla today.

P85D video.


Home Power Storage Unveiled.


The teaser Elon Musk buried the lead for a month ago? The missing link; home storage for off grid power, I was hoping so.

It’s called the Powerwall, comes in a 10 kWh weekly cycle or a 7 kWh daily cycle model for 3500 or $3000 respectively and has a 10 year warranty with an optional 10 year extension.

This destructive technology paired with Tesla Motors incredible electric vehicles with the highest safety rating in America, and the Gigafactory currently under construction that will single-handedly double the rest of the world’s lithium ion battery production by 2020 is incredibly encouraging.

As we have seen from previous research and posts, solar power is about to get dramatically cheaper and the thing missing from the market to empower consumers to make those off grid choices or lessened their reliance on the grid has been home storage, until now.

You can reserve one now for deliveries beginning this summer… If you live in the States, it would not accept my Canadian postal code, yet.

From Sport to Insane Speed!

Ever forging ahead, Tesla continues to over-deliver on its vehicles and people, blogs, articles, and companies are noticing. Tesla ReTweets an Economist post on March 10:


RT Any doubts that electric cars are the future are blown away within minutes of driving a Model S

The Economist article linked through Tesla’s Twitter account states, “It is not so much the rapid acceleration, but the smooth and relentless supply of power from its electric motor”.

On the same Tesla Twitter page, later on March 10, Elon Musk posts a YouTube video of “Model S in drag race against snowmobile on ice lake in Norway (no tire chains or studs).
Tesla Model S P85D vs. Lynx Boondocker 800 ccm”  and that video shows switching the vehicle to Insane mode for a race against a snowmobile. This really is insane! (Jakobson, 2015).

Watch the video here.

 Of course the Tesla leaves the snowmobile behind, but my favourite part is at 5 seconds through 11 seconds..did you see that touchscreen? Wow! That is definitely the future of automobiles! I want one!

If the snow race is underwhelming for you, perhaps a video of a phone sticking to the seat as a Tesla accelerates with 4 adults inside the vehicle from what looks like 0-60? (Force, 2015).

What is the P85D? As one blogger put it: “In case you have been away from the internet in the past 12 hours, let’s recap some numbers. The P85D has 691 horsepower and will reach 60 mph in 3.2 seconds…is there a better overall car than the P85D?” (McParland, 2014).

I have never even driven one but I don’t think so! Check out the blog post here.

This may or may not wrap the blog on this topic as the school semester is drawing to a close but rest assured, I will continue to watch Tesla  closely.

Embedding the Youtube video was as simple as copy/pasting but the first video was via a Norweigan site so I  left it original instead of embedding it straight from Youtube. Enjoy!

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