Hootsuite Thoughts

In the Camosun College Digital Marketing 440 class I am taking as part of an overall marketing degree, we touched upon this blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, video Skype and other programs as well as completing the Hootsuite University and becoming a certified professional via numerous videos and exams that coach and demonstrate the minutiae filters, groups and streams available.

I like the tests and the videos are quite comprehensive but as with anything, practice and use will lead to expertise. I’m glad to have been given a fast track look at this social media management software and am enjoying getting to learn to use it.

Within the Hootsuite certification courseware, in no particular order, I thought the security and privacy controls by an overall admin are necessary; the ability to customize and shorten URLs is fantastic; the do’s and don’ts of social media etiquette straightforward and helpful; the ability to customize streams and listen across other platforms and across the Internet for keywords, positive and negative sentiments for all products or services or topics relevant to your particular company and your particular campaign/strategy is exciting and powerful.

I look forward to learning more and exploring these and other features and benefits in the months to come. These tools provide immense insight can streamline management of social media platforms for the individual, and business alike vague, and small, for-profit, and nonprofit.

Although this blog gradually focused upon Tesla and alternative energy versus oil, it began as a digital exploration for school. It has been a good experience and more than anything has taught me how much more I have to learn..


Tesla Photo: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tesla_Roadster_Japanese_display.jpg



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